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Battlefield Conditions: A Flames of War Gaming Aid

Interesting new kickstarter. Looks very usefull for Flames of War

From the kickstarter

The set comprises of twenty 12mm, D6 split into three dice types, one for mainly for infantry, one for tanks and a pinned dice:
Infantry Dice (x6):
  • Dug In
  • Gone To Ground
  • Dug In + Gone To Ground
  • Reorganising
  • At The Double
  • Non-Assaulting Team
Tank Dice (x8):
  • Bailed Out
  • Bogged Down
  • Non-Assaulting Team
  • At The Double
  • Reorganising
  • Ranged In
Pinned Dice (x6):
This a a D6 with a icon on the number six and numbered one to five on the other sides. This means you can use the dice to count hits to a platoon, and when pinned you display the pinned icon next to the platoon and at the start of your turn roll that same dice to unpin

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