lørdag den 31. august 2013

Warmachine resurrection

The Warmachine: Tactics kickstarter got me, Lasse and Lars talking about Warmachine. We played the game back in 05-06 for a season. We couldn’t remember why we stop playing. The game mechanics where fun enough. We decided to start again. Luckily I had saved my old miniatures thought some have been lost. We bought the rulebook and started gaming almost once. I had a collection already and Lasse paints really fast.  Lars is trying a Horde army for variety. Hordes wasn’t around when we played last time.

Counting my old miniatures. My daughter thought I needed a fairy.

Painting my old guys
A old painted bonejack
First game against Lars everblight
Caster with focus
Big dragon thing

Trying the different aspects of the game
Against Lasses Menoth

søndag den 4. august 2013

Hill54/III 2013, a late after battle report

A late report from the excellent Hill 54 tournament. I had misplaced my camera used at the event.

I played my Germans as panzer Lehr. I last used the Lehr list 2 years ago in the doublet tournament at Hill 54.

I have painted 10 halftracks and nebs for the army, slowly filling out the options for the list.

I choose not to use any big cats. The new boost in AT the allies received made me rely on the humble panzer VI chassis for armour.  

I played against 7th armored dessert rats, 2 x British airborne, US TD and US 3. armored. 3 won – 2 lost. Both defeats where 3-4. 

The mix of opponents had me used my mechanized force both offensive and defensive. The 10 bases strong grenadiers units with tank hunters was at very durable unit.The Halftracks was great on the attack, supporting my grenadiers with MG fire. 

My 2 armored units work well as support units. They did fail against the hordes from US 3th armored. Random deployed didn’t help focus my fire.

 I missed a recon unit (I don’t have any) and the Grill didn’t do anything cheap mortar count not have done.

1. Orla Møller 24
2. Olmqaz 23
2. Jan Haurum 23
2. Søren Lohmann 23
5. Frederik T. Hansen 22
5. Lars Peter Lauridsen 22
5. Ole Ellehøj 22
5. Jesper Graff 22
9. Helge Macintyre 21
9. Christian Trebbien 21
9. Anders Jespersen 21
9. Mads Bjerregaard 21
13. Tordenkuglen 20
13. Brian Nielsen 20
15. Daniel Thomsen 19
15. Robert 19
17. Morten Holm Nielsen 18
17. Jesper Christensen 18
19. Thomas Paulsen 16*
20. Anders Hansen Damgaard 15
20. Denni Brøndum Hansen 15
22. Michael Christensen 14
22. Alleycat 14
22. Kenneth Juhl Hansen 14
25. Pman 13
25. Jakob Bavnshøj 13
27. Anders Kofoed Laursen 12
28. Rasmus L Christensen 10
29. Multimonkey 9
30. Kristian Lyngvald 8*
30. Michael Henrik Gjøg Trillingsgaard 8
32. Peter Lauridsen 5

Attacking !!!
Shermans arrives
Alot of airborne troops
Dead TD's
Hidning in the woods