tirsdag den 30. april 2013

Tinsoldaten Marked Garden tournament

Tindsoldaten started a running tournament based on the Market Garden books. I have chosen to bring Welsh Guard lorried Rifle company.

Lorried Rifle Company (Guards) Welsh
40 Lorried Rifle Company HQ (Guards)
190 Lorried Rifle Platoon (Guards)
190 Lorried Rifle Platoon (Guards)
115 Lorried Carrier Platoon (Guards)
75 Lorried Mortar Platoon (Guards)
445 Armoured Recce Platoon (Guards)
370 Anti-tank Platoon (SP), Royal Artillery
175 Heavy Mortar Platoon
150 Guards Armoured Car Platoon

My main concern is this a mechanized list and the German players are going to bring infantry list. I hope with 4 mobile units, I will be able to attack.

Game 1:

Fallschirmjägerkompanie HQ (Ersatz)
Cmd Panzerfaust SMG team Panzerschreck team 135

Fallschirmjäger Platoon (Ersatz)
Cmd Panzerfaust SMG team Rifle/MG team 215

Fallschirmjäger Platoon (Ersatz)
Cmd Panzerfaust SMG team Rifle/MG team 215

Fallschirmjäger Machine-gun Platoon (Ersatz)
Cmd SMG team MG42 HMG115

Fallschirmjäger Mortar Platoon (Ersatz)
Cmd SMG team Observer Rifle team 8cm GW42 (Stummelwerfer) mortar 55

Fallschirmjäger Light Gun Platoon (Ersatz)
Cmd SMG team 7.5cm LG40 recoilless gun 40

Fallschirmjäger Scout Platoon (Ersatz) Cmd Rifle team Rifle team 110

Panther Platoon
Confident Trained Allied Platoon
Panther G 430

Fallschirmpionier Platoon (Ersatz)
Cmd Pioneer Rifle/MG team Pioneer Supply 3-ton truck Pioneer Rifle/MG team 290

Fallschirmjäger Artillery Battery (Ersatz) Cmd SMG team
Staff team 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer Observer Rifle team 140

Company Points:

I deployed all my troops to attack towards at single objective in the right quarter. Jesper trainer Panther got stuck the woods a lot, even though equipped with widetracks. Placed between the M10 and Challenger they got easily destroyed. 

My 2 recon units worked overtime lifting gone to the ground and I was able to clear the objective. Jespers scattered reserves didn’t help him arriving in the opposite corner.


Game 2: 

Micheals Grenadiers

Played surrounded for the first time. I didn’t concentrate and deployed all wrong and forgot my place M10s. I split my force in 2, I should have made a single push from the river side of the board.

Did try for a long time to grab a single point but failed.


Cromwells/Challengers vs. Stugs
Its Holland
In to the vally of death
veteran troops are hard på remove