torsdag den 9. november 2017


Trying to find an color scheme for my Combined Army

I have pick up Infinity. Great looking miniatures and a low number of figures needed on the table.

mandag den 2. oktober 2017

X-Wing an easy acces game

Lately most of my miniatures gaming has been X-Wing. Fast play and no painting helps a lot. The local club TROA hosts monthly tournament’s 

 This is from an escalation tournament it didn't go well for me :-)

The next tournament I actually won.

I the list was Ryad, Vessery and a Tie Agressor 

tirsdag den 8. november 2016

X Wing

I have taken up X Wing. Star Wars is an all-time favorite and the rules is light to pick up. The prepaints make the game less stressful to pick up. 3 games down and it is still fun, looking forward for more.

Maybe a small tournament in the future.