torsdag den 3. januar 2019

Essen Spiel 2018

This has been a while since traveled to Essen Spiel.

I found the pictures and decident to make a small post and show up some of all the fun we had this year. Spiel was bigger and with more exhibitors and a hall was reserved for TableTop Gaming.

Warcradle from UK had a large booth and I think there was at least 4 different companies selling gaming mats.

I focused on TableTop gaming and  I bought some more terrain from the Polish Zen Terrain to expand on my Infinity table.

I also looked at small family friendly board games. I picked up a expansion for the game Meeple Cirkus.

mandag den 17. december 2018

Terrain: Laughing Jack Containers

I pick up a set of Laughing Jack Containers at Spiel this year.

The set has a lot of pieces and needs a bit of work to fit correctly. I broke some pieces when assembling,

It its worth the trouble, the modular design makes it easy to use the containers on the table.

A lot of small cutaway pieces


Ready for battle

torsdag den 13. december 2018

Infinity: 300 point PanO vs. Yu Ling

Played a game of Infiny yesterday. Tried my Yu Ling, Red Veil plus the Beyond box.

Had a lot of trouble killing ORCs in cover (AV 7).

A lucky Tiger Soldier combat jump was the key to succes.











torsdag den 4. oktober 2018

X-Wing: Selling surplus ships

The conversions kit in X-Wing 2.0 enable to focus om only 1 faction. Empire player at heart I am selling my surplus rebel ships.