onsdag den 18. juni 2014

All Quiet on the Martian Front kickstarter unboxning

It’s here!! ! 1. wave has arrived. Looking forward trying playing the game and painting those lovely figures.  Lars pledged has arrived last week. I will concentrate on the US force and he will to the Martians first. First games will be posted as soon as possible. 

I don’t talk a lot during the unboxing. Busy studying all the excellent miniatures

15 Steamtanks :-)

lørdag den 7. juni 2014

Fallen Frontiers

I have pledged for a new Kickstarter: Fallen Frontiers . The miniatures look awesome. The scale are at bit larger the industry norm being 40mm. I don't play any other Sci-fi at the moment, my old 40k is packed away. We are waiting to se an update about the rules. I can understand you have to use a deck of cards and you can buy more cards while you play. Sounds different, looking forward to hear more about it.

I am not sure I am staying with this Kickstarter to the end yet. Depends on how it’s developing.

Tjeck it out:



Updated: The kickstarter has been canceled

torsdag den 5. juni 2014

Getting more paint on Warmachine

Getting paint on more Cryx. 3 more figures ready.

Pistol Wraith: I am slowly learning to use it. In the first games it just got killed with out doing anything.

Slayer: Very cheap. God heavy hitting. Big Warmachines and Beast must be damaged before engaged. It can not survive the counter strike.

Warwitch Siren: Cheap solo with alot of uses

Kickstarter Aiakos finaly arrived. Must be tested in my next game.