søndag den 20. november 2011

Tin Cup V round up

In spite of numerous cancelations, our small tournament ran without any major problems. A lot people got extra pineapple in their sandwich by accident, but that didn’t kill any one :)

The night before the tournament, I was to the play a stand in army. ( vet. US rifles) A last minute cancelation (the 5th cancelation) resulted in me just supervising the event.

1. Jan - Bodenständig Grenadierkompanie 26 

2. Ole - 7th Armoured Division 22 

3. Denni - 1st Polish Armoured Division 22 

4. Jesper - 2. US armoured 19 

5. Troels - 101. US airborne 16 

6. Anders - Schwere Panzerkompanie 13 

7. John - SS 12 

8. Lasse - Panzer Lehr 10 

9. Klüwer - 21.Panzergrenadier 9 

10. Michael - Scotts 9

Advancing in bocage

Fighting in Caen

Breakfeast of champions

Into the vally of death

Jesper - Ewing Oli


A cornered king tiger

The Tin Cup mascot

Pre game chit chat

Big gun, small street

Troels tries to remember the rules

Lasse with the famous "firefly"

The secret projekt

tirsdag den 18. oktober 2011


Tried the a game of Battlelore with Lars. While a simple game, tactics can be used.

mandag den 10. oktober 2011

Normadie village progress

Started on the Normandie houses. What a mess the paint wouldn't stick to the resin. Tried with soap, didn't help. Found a old black spay, finaly I got them primed.

søndag den 9. oktober 2011

Early war hitting 2012

2 Danish tournaments have Published their intention to go earlywar in 2012. It seens my frenchmen are going on at roadtrip.

tirsdag den 30. august 2011

Vacation is over

www.tinsoldaten.dk are hosting a tournament 4/5 November and I’m going to help running it. It a normadie event and I am helping painting at bucket load of normandie houses. Follow the production her.

torsdag den 7. juli 2011

Hill 54 - 2011 the results

2 won, 1 draw won and 1 lost. Playing Lehr is not impossible. Lucky we didn’t meet any Churchills, we would have struggled against those.

Best unit, Grille !!! the flexibility of the unit came to good use. People ignore them. 9 MG can make a difference against moving infantry.  Moment of glory when they destroyed 3 shermans moving on the double in direct fire.

Thanks to Jesper and Johnny for using the pictures.

1. (Best Axis - 22 point):
Holdnavn: "FBO 2nd".
Spillere: Anders Hansen Damgaard og Brian Nielsen

2. (19 point):
Holdnavn er: "Kampfgrupe Knuszprig todt"
Spiller: Olmqaz og Panzercrisp

2. (19 point):
Holdnavn er: "Illuminati medium"
Spiller:Tordenkuglen, Mct

4. (18 point):
Holdnavn er: "Arme gruppe Midt Vest"
Spiller: Von Madsen og Valten

4. (18 point):
Holdnavn: "Fliegerhorst Grove"
Spillere:Robert og mhnielsen

6. (17 point):
Holdnavn er: "Tinsoldaten" My team
Spiler: Ironfrost og Ewing Oil

7. (Best Allied - 15 point)
Holdnavn er: "Illuminati Light"
Spiller: Clarneaxt (Ole Ellehøj) + PMAn (Peter M Andersen)

8. (13 point):
Holdnavn er: "FBO 1st."
Spiller: Søren Lohmann og Henning Østermark (Shoki44).

9. (10 point):
Holdnavn er: "Yanks and Tommies"
Spiller: Vagn tind og Rasmus L Christensen.

10. (9 point):
Holdnavn er: "Kampfgruppe von Luck"
Spiller: Andersjespersen og Klüwer

11. (7 point):
Holdnavn er: "Frontline"
Spiller:Jesperh og Møller

11. (7 point):
Holdnavn er: "Grænsevagten"
Spiller: Lars Peter og Peter

13. (6 point):
Holdnavn er: "Illuminati's biggest boys"
Spiller: Papabear og Daniel

13. (6 point):
Holdnavn er: "Fy og Bi"
Spiller:True Ronin og Thomas

The airlfield

Hit the beach


Cows :-)

Tiger march