tirsdag den 8. november 2016

X Wing

I have taken up X Wing. Star Wars is an all-time favorite and the rules is light to pick up. The prepaints make the game less stressful to pick up. 3 games down and it is still fun, looking forward for more.

Maybe a small tournament in the future.

søndag den 9. oktober 2016

Hill 54 2016

This summer Troels and I went to the annual doubles in Viborg Hill 54. Vi played Americans, me 1. Infantry division and Troels 3. Armored.

Most of our games was close fought but overall we did lose a lot :-)  Next year the front is moving toward Germany and we plan to stick to US lists.

onsdag den 5. oktober 2016

The summer hasn't been idle

More Mrk III games. First try with a new Cryx heavy jack.

Dan and I play Warmahordes at Tinsoldaten.dk. I new caster for me Lich Lord Venethrax. He boost my jack a great deal.

Got me new heavy painted

More Planetfall. Look forward for more incomming minitures. Not in stock :-(

We tried a 3500 point. We talk to much to finish a game like is in one evening.

At Tinsoldaten.dk a busy gaming night 

KILANI trys Scyte

Warhammehordes at Lasse hobby basment. Great looking playing mat