mandag den 12. januar 2015

Field of Glory Renaissance

Time for some Pike and Shot.

A discussions about the coolness of pikes at Tinsoldatens facebook page got a group of now 6 getting into a new period. The 30 years war. A rarely played period when handheld firearms was coming of age but still support by pikes.

We went for the Field of Glory ruleset, possible to play small bring your army battles, but the goal is to get to replay the great battles of the war.

The miniatures for the period mostly are genetic, but I chose collecting the French a late comer in TYW.

One big bag of toys

Battle goups of the beginner army
Flag from excelent serivce

lørdag den 3. januar 2015

More All Quiet on the Martian Front

Getting more advanced :-)

In the 2. game we tried the rescue scenario and played with the hiding setup rules. The humans got at great start down a tripod early, kill shoot from at infantry coilgun.

The Martians played by Niels got good use of the commandpoints won the scenario and wipe out the puny humans.