mandag den 24. september 2012

Back to the furture, picking up a old game

I have been looking at the new Studio Sparta game Firestorm Invasion: Planetfall. All those lovely 10mm sci-fi tanks.

Lovely Firestorm Invasion 10mm minitures

After some consideration I have decided that I am not ready to start a new game in that price range. The price for a single starter set is fine, but having to buy 2 factions to play is not economically affordable for me right now. Firestorm Invasion is good concept and the figures are beautiful. Maybe at a later date.However, I have several game projects that never get really took off, all including already purchased miniatures.

First up is Uncharted Seas. I original bought the figures after looking at the boxsets at an FLG. I rulebook wasn’t terrible well write, and I only managed at single game before moving on. Moving from the old KILANI room didn’t help either. Looking forward trying it again.

I have order the new 2. Ed rule book. They should have made layout more logical in the new ed. The models still great and I need to finish them. More detailed pictures will follow.

The 2 fleets just waiting to set sail again

tirsdag den 18. september 2012

New army for GF15

The Italian way of life

 Too many allied players had sign up for GF15. To help the organizers I have now switch side and I am going to bring my Italians. I need to repair some battle damage. The Italians is my first and oldest FOW army.

L6/40 looking for new (easy) prey

Glory of Italian airpower