mandag den 24. september 2012

Back to the furture, picking up a old game

I have been looking at the new Studio Sparta game Firestorm Invasion: Planetfall. All those lovely 10mm sci-fi tanks.

Lovely Firestorm Invasion 10mm minitures

After some consideration I have decided that I am not ready to start a new game in that price range. The price for a single starter set is fine, but having to buy 2 factions to play is not economically affordable for me right now. Firestorm Invasion is good concept and the figures are beautiful. Maybe at a later date.However, I have several game projects that never get really took off, all including already purchased miniatures.

First up is Uncharted Seas. I original bought the figures after looking at the boxsets at an FLG. I rulebook wasn’t terrible well write, and I only managed at single game before moving on. Moving from the old KILANI room didn’t help either. Looking forward trying it again.

I have order the new 2. Ed rule book. They should have made layout more logical in the new ed. The models still great and I need to finish them. More detailed pictures will follow.

The 2 fleets just waiting to set sail again

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