onsdag den 11. april 2012

New 15mm WW2 range from Flytrap Factory

Another company wants a share of the FOW marked, Flytrap Factory. Targeted a range Battlefront hasn’t done yet. Smart people :-)

We would like to give you a quick glimpse at the first release for the new and upcoming Warfighter: World At War miniature ranges… Late War Germans (1944-45)… suitable for use in the Battle of the Bulge or any other late war conflict.

Warfighter : World at War is the first of many to come sister lines to the existing Warfighter: Near future/ultra modern line of miniatures.
These late war germans will suit any rule system presently on the market, blisters will be arranged in their respective platoons following closely to the guides stipulated in the new V3 Flames of War rulebooks.
The Rifle Platoon/Company Co blister is the first to hit the shelves next month (April) with the ancillary support options following close after.
For more updates, news and info drop by our website (www.flytrapfactory) which will receive its latest update this coming week or subscribe to our blog. Please note that the pics above (especially the Rifle Platoon which is displayed at half strength or thereabouts) are still very much WIP and there may be differences in the final blister contents

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