søndag den 20. november 2011

Tin Cup V round up

In spite of numerous cancelations, our small tournament ran without any major problems. A lot people got extra pineapple in their sandwich by accident, but that didn’t kill any one :)

The night before the tournament, I was to the play a stand in army. ( vet. US rifles) A last minute cancelation (the 5th cancelation) resulted in me just supervising the event.

1. Jan - Bodenständig Grenadierkompanie 26 

2. Ole - 7th Armoured Division 22 

3. Denni - 1st Polish Armoured Division 22 

4. Jesper - 2. US armoured 19 

5. Troels - 101. US airborne 16 

6. Anders - Schwere Panzerkompanie 13 

7. John - SS 12 

8. Lasse - Panzer Lehr 10 

9. Klüwer - 21.Panzergrenadier 9 

10. Michael - Scotts 9

Advancing in bocage

Fighting in Caen

Breakfeast of champions

Into the vally of death

Jesper - Ewing Oli


A cornered king tiger

The Tin Cup mascot

Pre game chit chat

Big gun, small street

Troels tries to remember the rules

Lasse with the famous "firefly"

The secret projekt

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