søndag den 24. april 2016


I have long thinking about getting a hordes faction. I like the look of the Minion Gartormen but the Blightwater liste was very restricted. (In MK III minions is free for all).

I look for some used miniatures to start cheaply and I found a Skorne army. I have found a very simple painting scheme aiming getting troops on the ground fast. 

I have played 3 games and the feel of the Skorne is very different from Cryx. Now MK III has been announced I am tried to play a new warlock in every game.  

This army I will magnetise

Before the wash

After the wash
Cataphract Cetrati and Tyrant Vorkesh

mandag den 4. april 2016

Niels is joining Firestorm Planetfall

The small foray into Planettfall went well. Niels decided to start a faction. I am looking forward to see them painted on the gaming table.

He choose the Terrans.