fredag den 25. marts 2016

Firestorm Planetfall

I look at the Spartan Planetfall game way back when it was and special order item and again when it was released in general sales as Firestorm Planetfall. When the Spartan Games black Friday sale had the starter set was 40 % off I could not resist any more.

I have tried 2 first 2 real scenarios from the boxset and the rules feels promising. Fast and with a lot of action due to the exploding dice.

I may need som more minitures :-)

I was not happy with my Aquans. The highlight was not strong enough. Back to the local gaming shop looking for a bright blue.

torsdag den 17. marts 2016

Cryx gets more table time

Got painted some new minis and 3 more games. Looks like Warmachine is getting a good start in  2016.