torsdag den 10. maj 2012

Intermezzo, aftermath

Pro : 
The food, a different-tasting dinner and fine lunch choice. Fine shop with cheap beer and coffee.

I liked the different points on the tables. (size of game played) But there were many who thought 1750 points where the standard and the other army size rarely would be used. Maybe they should have told it in advance

Random opponents. They could should have used Göepp to swiss draw and table allocation

Rooms and the toilet was not very clean. But I can understand that I may lose the location due to lack of funding.  I was a ball, however, to watch all the old roleplay and board games. It was very oldschool.

I didn’t choose my army an think I would win it all. I wanted to play with Challengers :-) I won 3 (one was a draw) and lost 2.  I am pleased, and I am looking forward play british again (love those carriers) . It was not great victories so I ended up last in the rankings.