lørdag den 19. februar 2011

The Blitzkrieg tournament in Århus has been canceled

The Blitzkrieg tournament in Århus has been canceled L

www.Tinsoldaten.dk  has decided to make a replacement event 9. April. An appropriate date for an early war event.

My French are still going to fight with glory in the fields of Belgium. (More pictures coming shortly)

søndag den 13. februar 2011

More pictures of plastic 15mm tanks

Zvezda Panzer II

The Plastic Soldier T-34 (green) and a Old Glory T-34 (metal)

lørdag den 12. februar 2011

Plastic Soldier T-34 first look

Michael from the local club www.tinsoldaten.dk have received 10 of the new Plastic Soldier T-34. The details on the model are sharp and crisp and the option to swith turrets is nice.  Compared to battlefronts T-34, it’s lower and not quit as long. Mixing at unit would look odd.

At www.caliverbooks.com you can get a box with post free worldwide, price 16.51 £

søndag den 6. februar 2011

Zvezda, cheap 1:100 tanks !!

I just found at new supplier of cheap 1:100 tanks. The Russian company Zvezda. At the moment they have Panzer II, Panzer III G, T-34 and T-26.  A friend has ordered 3 PzII. More pictures will be posted when they arrive. He ordered them here: http://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/ only 2.46 £ per tank.

lørdag den 5. februar 2011

Out of paint

I just ran out of flesh colored paint. Time to restock. My french inf. have to wait.