mandag den 21. december 2020

Trying Bushido


Dan talk about a new miniature game he was staring up. He wanted at small and fast game. He chose Bushido. When he asked if I wanted to try I jumped at the opportunity as I always love to try new stuff.


The game has a small footprint. The play area is only 2 by 2 feet


Nice houses  

I really like the game mechanics and the low miniature count. I will probably look online for some more information about the game.

A kami

onsdag den 27. maj 2020

Painted Celestial Guard

Finaly got around to paint my Celestial Guard box. Now I need som Kuang Shi

søndag den 17. februar 2019

Midtcon 2019

I have just attended Midcon a biannually tournament close to Viborg,

I played X-Wing in small event. They did have at other games and at lot of great looking terrain and painted army's.

torsdag den 3. januar 2019

Essen Spiel 2018

This has been a while since traveled to Essen Spiel.

I found the pictures and decident to make a small post and show up some of all the fun we had this year. Spiel was bigger and with more exhibitors and a hall was reserved for TableTop Gaming.

Warcradle from UK had a large booth and I think there was at least 4 different companies selling gaming mats.

I focused on TableTop gaming and  I bought some more terrain from the Polish Zen Terrain to expand on my Infinity table.

I also looked at small family friendly board games. I picked up a expansion for the game Meeple Cirkus.

mandag den 17. december 2018

Terrain: Laughing Jack Containers

I pick up a set of Laughing Jack Containers at Spiel this year.

The set has a lot of pieces and needs a bit of work to fit correctly. I broke some pieces when assembling,

It its worth the trouble, the modular design makes it easy to use the containers on the table.

A lot of small cutaway pieces


Ready for battle

torsdag den 13. december 2018

Infinity: 300 point PanO vs. Yu Ling

Played a game of Infiny yesterday. Tried my Yu Ling, Red Veil plus the Beyond box.

Had a lot of trouble killing ORCs in cover (AV 7).

A lucky Tiger Soldier combat jump was the key to succes.











torsdag den 4. oktober 2018

X-Wing: Selling surplus ships

The conversions kit in X-Wing 2.0 enable to focus om only 1 faction. Empire player at heart I am selling my surplus rebel ships.