mandag den 25. maj 2015

Ebay continued

Next op for ebay is my fantasy deamons, a mixed bag of painting styles.

Check out my actions here: items

tirsdag den 19. maj 2015

Hill 54 2015

This time Troels and I are  going as allies. Need som ekstra stuff for my Britsh

lørdag den 9. maj 2015

Clearing sale, Ebay make my day

I have decided to sort out my miniature collection and sell some of the stuff I have I am not using.

I have a lot of Warhammer Fantasy and 40k armys I do not use and many other half-finish projects.

Ebay will be my main vendor for this project. I have to take pictures for ebay: Why not post them here :-)

First up my small Demonhunter / Grey Knight collection. Was use with my Imperial Guard. The rules charged a lot of times since I use it for gaming.

My first 40K army was Chaos. I sold it way back. I always wanted to get a new one. I did buy some miniatures and play som games with proxies. This Bloodletter unit was the only painted miniatures in my 2nd try for a chaos army a long with a single Chaos Marine.