mandag den 23. marts 2015

Østerskov 2015: Operation Doppelkopf

The setup for this years tournement at Østerskov

The Russians' main offensive in 1944 took place in Belarus. The operation Bagration broke the German front. It had been advised by the Germans to withdraw army groupe North to the South, to defend Poland and later east Prussia. Hitler's well-known no retreat odre also applied to the German forces north of Operation Bagration. The result was a gap in the German front between Army Group Centre and north of about 60 km. Army Group North was attacked by two Russian fronts, which would ensure that Army Group North could not help Army Group Centre. Army Group North fate was that it was isolated in Courland, where the army was at the end of the war.

In August, the Germans launched a counter assault in the Baltic countries, named operation Doppelkopf. The Germans committed  Grossdeutchland and 5 other armored divisions to the attack. The goal was to relieve Army Group North. Furthermore supported the two German cruisers attacked from the Baltic Sea. Doppelkopf ended in failure after heavy fighting on a number of Estonian villages.

In the campaign at Østerskov we must fight in all the small villages. The villages yell a number of victory points, and the side that ends with the most points wins.  It will be a campaign in which both parties must attack, to conquer more villages.

The Østerskov crew with Mads Bjergaard in command delivered at great event. Nice food, plenty of beer and great opponents. Last year I spend most of the time sick and did very little gaming. This year I didn’t play for 1 ½ hours the at maximum.  I played a Russian T-34/74 list with 10 Matilda and 3 KV-85. Great against infantry, struggled against Pz4, Stugs and Tigers.  

Nighttime snack

Soviet HQ

søndag den 1. marts 2015

Zvezda Matildas

At Essen 2014 I pick up 10 Zvezda Matildas. In late war they are very cheap assault tanks. Easy to get 10 hulls on the table.

Zvezda tanks are easy to assemble but I snapped serval barrels when assemble. I changed the barrels to prevent more damaged when playing.

Same size as the Battelfront Matilda

The horde attacks

Slow tanks gets overtaken